By Andrea Chilcote

I’m happy to report that I’m now a regular blogger for Spirited Woman, and have an opportunity to share my experience and create a dialogue about a topic so important – our relationships.

For many years I have sought a way to explain my work — what I actually do. I’m an executive coach, a leadership development expert, and a writer. When I say that, people often respond, “But what is it that you do?” The popularity of life coaching has helped somewhat, though even that doesn’t always convey why companies hire me to do this type of work.

Here’s what I really do. I help people build relationships – all kinds of relationships. The common denominator that defines my work is the connections we have or seek: with ourselves, with other people, with the natural world, and with the minute-by-minute opportunities afforded us by the grand existence called being a human.

Connection is a primal need, particularly for women. That’s why there’s so much distress in organizations when personal agendas and misplaced hierarchical boundaries trump inclusion and collaboration. It’s why, in one-on-one relationships, we seek to be heard and understood first and foremost. The basis of trust is the feeling that one is safe with the other — and trust is required for engagement of any kind. Perhaps most important is a connection with ourselves; an eyes-wide-open type of awareness that stems from honest self-examination. This leads to two things: a state of being called “settled in self” as well as on-purpose action.

In the coming months I’ll be blogging about building upon the relationship you enjoy with yourself, with key others, and your animal companions. I’ll include that oh-so-important relationship you have with time — the moment at hand — as that is where the magic begins.

As you “relate” to my posts, I invite you to begin a dialogue. Share your own stories and reflections to spread the connections among all of us.

2 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Andrea, it’s wonderful news about being a regular contributor to Spirited Woman! You have much to offer many and this is a great way to share and help others. Thank you!



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