The “Nothing” that is Everything

by Andrea Chilcote

I never tire of the daily notes I receive from Mike Dooley’s brilliant TUT, my personalized subscription to Notes from the Universe. But this Monday’s message was a jolt: “Remember, you will always have friends, guides, and love, Andrea, but no one is coming to “save you.”

That’s the adventure package you signed up for.

The Universe went on to say that the only one who would save me was me, and assured me that I had guaranteed superpowers with which to do so.

Now I have never required “saving,” though I have considerable experience wishing, hoping and praying. When I read the message I was reminded of two experiences.

During one particularly challenging time, a dear friend asked, in earnest and with deep compassion: “What can I do?” “Nothing!” I replied too sharply, then I softened. “Just be you,” I said. “Be my friend.”

Nothing to do, no-thing. The nothing that is everything.

The second is an experience I recount in our book, Erik’s Hope. Faced with potential tragedy, I prayed. All at once, for the first time ever, I was overcome by a feeling of profound aloneness. In that instant, I realized that prayer is a conversation between the part of us that is God and the part of us that is human. The human part needed to take action. Fueled by sheer life force, the spirit that I am (and that TUT is no doubt referring to), I took inspired action and rallied others to help. In the moment, it felt like no effort at all. No-thing, just flow. It worked out beautifully.

Even with this realization, I still puzzled over TUT’s words. Not even love will save me? I have lived by John Lennon’s mantra, “All you need is love.” Then it dawned on me. I am love. You are love. The part of us that’s love is the guaranteed superpower. Love is inside, not out. That kind of love is all we need.

Our true power is immense beyond measure. It is a state of being, the no-thing that is everything, to give as well as to receive.


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