A Week Full of Grace

by Andrea Chilcote

It’s been a joy to share my experiences with you each week, in the hopes that you will relate to something I have to say, or take away a tool that makes your path a little smoother. Because we’re all connected, rarely does one of us have an experience that is not shared by many more.

So I embark on this creative process, once again looking back at the week before. I notice that for the first time in a long time, the week was uneventful in the dramatic sense, and did not present its usual overflowing suitcase of lessons. For this, I am grateful. As I review each day, my gratitude deepens.

In their book Character Strengths and Virtues, Chris Peterson and Martin Seligman refer to gratitude’s Latin root, the word “gratia” or “grace” and define it as “kindness, generousness, gifts, the beauty of giving and receiving, or getting something for nothing.” Grace. Yes, a week full of grace.

As I begin to list the things I am thankful for, some seem small, while others are more high-impact and far-reaching. Yet, as I consider the energy of “grace,” it knows no limits or boundaries. Grace is, for me, a feeling, and it sets forth an entire chain of positive events no one can predict or measure. As like attracts like, it grows.

I am grateful for, first and foremost, the relationships in my life. Last week’s work was ordinary. The people I worked with made it extraordinary. I am grateful for trusting bonds with old clients and the willingness for new ones to take risks in order to grow.

Life outside work, with my husband and my friends, was sweet and simple. I appreciate supermarket flowers when I had a headache, hiking buddies and humor. And of course, I am grateful for the unconditional love of the dogs.

The list could go on. I was graced by two potentially difficult but flawless connecting flights, finalist status in a meaningless (but quite fun) photo contest, and the time to get everything done, for once. I feel like a very lucky girl.

I like this energy, this grace, so I think I’ll linger here for awhile … maybe for the entire week. Care to join me? There’s space for everyone.

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