Becoming the Change

by Andrea Chilcote

One week in June I declared my mind a negativity-free zone. And given that it started in an airport, with a trip on an airplane, It worked out pretty well and I strive to continue the process.

What I am about to say feels a bit obvious as I type. Our thoughts and feelings lead to words and deeds, which carry an energy. Our actions then (and of course the thoughts that precede the actions) influence the energy around us. Ergo, if our own state of being is uplifting, positive and hopeful, we will attract similar conditions, making it very easy to respond in kind.

What if maintaining your own high frequency was all it would take? It is all that’s needed. We know this, right?

Throughout my life, I have tried to follow this principle: “She who has the knowledge has the responsibility.” So if I am to be true to this lesson, I must seek to put forth and consume only that which contributes to something constructive, vs. destroys. Oh, that doesn’t mean I approach a very difficult world in a Pollyannaish way. Quite the contrary. During that June week, I prayed and shed tears for seemingly senseless tragedies occurring in my midst. But I do not wish to contribute to senseless pain, and therefore I’m working, however imperfectly, to eliminate any hurtful attitudes and behavior from the choices I make.

Violence. I recall leading a dialogue skills course in the 90’s in which there was a model for a continuum of behavior from “silence”- the traditional “flight” behavior, – to “violence,” the traditional “fight” behavior. I never liked using the word violence in association with everyday conversation. It seemed excessive and exaggerated. Now, many years later, I understand it as expressed. Small acts of violence such as insensitive or spiteful remarks contribute to the overload of such, because they simply attract more of what we don’t want.

This attraction principle works another way, too. Think about the word “inspiration.” Inspiration requires one to “be the change they wish to see” or “be the person they wish to be in relationship with,” and its grand reward is that it requires another to see something attractive that they wish to follow.

What if real freedom was the ability to choose the frequency at which we resonate in the world each day? What if?

If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. We need not wait to see what others do.– Mahatma Gandhi

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