A Purposeful Path

by Andrea Chilcote

Yesterday I learned of a significant life decision made by someone I love and care about. In an email, she explained the rationale for her choice, how unhappy she had been, and how much better she felt pursuing a new path.

In the third paragraph of her message to me, she said “I hope this news does not disappoint you.” Those words sparked strong emotion and I wanted to shout from the rooftop: “Disappoint me? You fear that growing to know yourself and making a commitment to follow the path that makes you feel good and purposeful would disappoint me? Oh, the contrary is true!”

One thing I know for sure is this: When we seek and gain true self-awareness, and then make life choices about our work and relationships aligned with acceptance of our unique talents, traits, likes and dislikes, our lives are truly purposeful. If a life of service is what one chooses, as has been my friend’s path, this self-acknowledgment is a prerequisite for serving others.

I think that sometimes we stay stuck because we’re embarrassed to announce a change of plans. Or, the pain of staying the unfulfilling course is easier to handle than answering to so-called friends and loved ones who question our motives and remind us of things like stability, security and time invested.

I’m so happy that my friend made a decision. While some would say she straddled the fence for too long, I say she took the time that it took, and I congratulate her on her courage. I wish her happiness and fulfillment in her choices.

Not many of our lives are easy on this earth today. I would rather know myself, and possess the courage to choose my path, however difficult, than anything else. I can handle what goes along with that. Do you trust yourselves enough to commit to what you know is right for you?


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