The Energy of Amazing

The energy of amazingby Andrea Chilcote

I was having lunch with a business colleague who I am just getting to know. She told a brief story of her teenage daughter’s performance in a competition. Watching intently, she had observed her daughter’s flaws along with her successes, and feared that the judges would count the flaws as faults in her score. Yet immediately afterwards, her daughter exclaimed, “I was amazing.” Mom took the cue and said, “Yes you were!”

It turns out the judges gave her the highest marks and seemed to miss the faults.

As my colleague, Caren, spoke, I observed her curiously. I had my own theory of what had happened here, and wondered what she thought. I offered the following, more as a question than a statement. “It was her energy,” I said, tentatively. “Yes!” Caren responded. “The energy of ‘amazing’.”

The judges took the teen’s cue as well. It’s hard to resist the resonance of amazing.

The conversation reminded me of a gem of wisdom I had read the day before, Election Day in fact. “Your feelings determine your reality.”

Oh how I needed a reminder that day. From that moment forward, any time my thoughts slipped into negativity about the future, I assumed a state of hope and peace.

If you follow my posts, you know I that I know our thoughts and feelings create our reality. So while my experience was nothing new, I continue to be fascinated with the mechanism. How was it that Caren’s daughter’s confidence influenced those judges? Her feeling of amazing trumped the fact that she left out parts of her presentation, errors that “should” have resulted in penalties.

Quantum mechanics tells us that all possibilities exist, and manifest as reality once ignited by a thought and a feeling. It’s what happens when we pray in a state of gratitude, as if we’re already experiencing that which we imagine. And our experience influences those around us. If this sounds like hocus pocus, check out the scientific experiments that demonstrate that we are all, quite literally, connected.

You too are amazing. Can you feel it? I can.

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. ― John Lennon

2 thoughts on “The Energy of Amazing

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  2. Having trouble with Cox email….it has been down for two days and just restored (but not fully) this morning and it won’t let me click on the leave comment button. SO let me tell you this way that I love this post. I had not ever thought about this this way, but I know it is true. I’ve forwarded it because I think it is so important. Thank you. Your book came Saturday. It is gorgeous and wonderful and oh, so you. Thank you very much for sending it to me. I love it…I am keeping it in the kitchen for now so I can read a part of it each morning when I am waiting for guests to eat bkfst and for things to cook.



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