Just a Slight Shift of the Dial

by Andrea Chilcote

One thing I know for sure is that we literally affect outcomes by how we think about them. This week has contained a series of seemingly magical events in which my ability to manage my thoughts created tangible success.

Oh, I (and many others) have written about how our thoughts create our reality. Our thoughts precede our actions and our actions influence the energy around us, thus influencing others’ thoughts and actions. Nothing new here, except how amazing it is that it’s so simple – and yet we make it so hard in practice. What has been the mechanism at play this week among so many?

One situation involved something I “wanted” to have happen for some time. It wasn’t critical to my success or survival, but I had been quite attached to it. I was finally able to consciously detach from a range of thoughts and feelings regarding the situation, thoughts like “they should” and “I need,” and feelings of worry and anticipation. And, voilà – what I had been waiting for showed up.

Another was an urgent situation in which I was asked to help. I agreed, though I was initially agitated and filled with thoughts of “what if?” What if I’m too late? What if it’s too much to handle? I quickly gained composure and calmly set about planning the effort. I remained positive and hopeful, (once again detached) and shortly thereafter learned that the situation had been resolved beautifully, without my intervention. Or was that really the case? What if my thoughts were the intervention? Later that evening I received an email from the person who had made the request. She stated: “That was some serious positive energy we sent out there.”

The entire week has been an energetic paradox for me. I have been keenly aware of the fear and negativity in this most difficult political season. I have been around many people experiencing a range of personal challenges. And at the same time, I have actively worked to “tune in” to thoughts and feelings of possibility, hope and peace, and “tune out” fear. The human heart and mind is capable of being surrounded by frequencies of fear and pessimism, while holding – emanating in fact – entirely different ones. Thoughts are energy, and my subtle yet potent decision to shift mine is what has allowed my experiences this week.

Open your eyes and ears to the many small miracles that occur in your lives each day. What frequency are you tuned in to when they take place? This “radio channel,” if you will, is broadcasting always. One only need shift the dial slightly for a whole new perspective.

As I was wrapping up this post, I glanced at Sunny Dawn Johnston’s morning Facebook message which read: “Don’t believe everything you think.” I chuckled at the confirmation. We must be tuned into the same station this morning.