Lessons Learned

Andrea Chilcote, Erik's Hope

Has this week held any challenges for you?  Read more, as Andrea shares lessons learned and her thankfulness for grace.

by Andrea Chilcote

Gratitude is a subject I have written of many times before. It never gets old. Today I am grateful for lessons learned.

In this week that held many challenges for many people in my life (and I’m betting some of yours too) – illness, strife, imbalance – I am thankful for the grace around me. That grace surrounds all of us.

For most of the week, I had the privilege of working with a diverse group in a unique experience designed to create personal insights, which led to personal transformation. (And just so you know, it was not always comfortable, tidy or easy).

No one had any idea of what the experience would bring before it began. They didn’t know what would appear before them next.

And that begs a question, what happened to you this week? What tested your mettle? What triggered your survival instincts? And, what triggered your ingrained patterns of behavior that might not serve you today?

Today, I am personally grateful for the full range of experiences I have collected in my life. (That is not easy to admit). Each has transformed what follows.

Do you seek transformation? If you experienced difficulty in the last several days, ask yourself these two questions:

  • For what is this experience a metaphor in my life?
  • What can I release that is no longer relevant?

We are either on this earth to grow in consciousness and reap the rewards of doing so, or it is a random existence in which some get lucky and others get by.

I’m betting on growth, over the lottery. How about you?

This post appeared originally on The Spirited Woman where Andrea is a blogger. Enjoy it!

1 thought on “Lessons Learned

  1. I know this sounds strange but I let myself be sick; I gave into the ( miserable, stinking) flu this week and just said to myself in this busy week, “It just doesn’t matter-= stop being the flu hero, stay in bed, rest, chill, accept it and roll with it. What doesn’t get done will get done another time.” This is hard for me becasue when I have a plan I am a woman on a mission and I had a PLAN this week! Had to let it all go and succomb to my body’s weakness. I was grateful it wasn’t something more serious that would be harder to get over. it is hard to accept I am not a kid anymore, I don’t bounce backso quickly or easily. I was grateful to be reminded that there is grace in surrendering to life, to accepting my wimpiness, my aging, grateful for a cup of tea with honey, grateful for a warm bed and the ability to just stop without hard consequences.



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