Just Ask

by Andrea Chilcote

Have you readJust Ask_e-squared-smaller E2, the blockbuster New York Times bestseller? Or more importantly, have you practiced E2?

Pam Grout‘s brilliant primer consists of a series of simple experiments that prove our thoughts create our reality. Oh, I get it. You already know that – no proof needed.

But here’s the reason I got hooked. In the preface, Grout identifies “this one itty bitty catch.” She says, boldly: “You don’t really believe it. Not fully.” Ouch.

Being a scientist by training, I was intrigued by the scientific method offered in the nine experiments, each of which occurs over a 48 hour period. On Sunday, I began the first one, a simple act of intending to receive an unexpected gift or blessing from what Grout calls the FP, or the field of potentiality.

My 48-hour deadline was Tuesday night, and I smile as I recount what I learned from that first two-day test. It’s a lesson I have written about, teach, and strive to practice. The lesson of detachment.

I’ll admit I got myself a little worked up about my “blessing.” I was expecting it, and, despite a very busy schedule, I was looking for it. “Prove it,” I was saying to the All That Is. I was definitely attached.

I live a blessed life. So each time some small or large thing came my way between Sunday night and Tuesday, I wondered if that was it, and in fact, each one might have been. But I quickly rationalized them, saying, “This is just the normal stuff of life.” Blessings for sure, but somehow not evidence that the experiment had worked. I kept narrowing my intention until I was doing exactly what I know not to do: order up my exact, detailed, no-exceptions request. This, despite my strong belief that we must pray for outcomes, and leave details up to God or the universe. When we can manage this, the results are more than we could have ever imagined.

Well, my deadline came and went, solidifying my non-belief. Then, I finally detached.

Guess what happened next? On Wednesday, I received a simple email that revealed my very unexpected gift. It was – is – awesome.

Did I delay the blessing with my insistence? Or had it actually transpired within the timeframe, with the pre-arrangements invisible to me?

It doesn’t matter, really. No one judges our attachment, or our lack of faith. While this life on earth feels so heavy at times, magic and miracles still exist. Ask and you shall receive. And meanwhile, make a request – then enjoy a good night’s sleep.