Words of praise for Erik’s Hope: The Leash that Led Me to Freedom – some terrific reviews and heartfelt testimonials. Here are a few.

“If you’ve ever felt like your dog was sent just for you, then you’ll especially relate to Erik’s Hope. There are no accidents in this tale of one woman’s dog, Erik, helping her navigate the emotional tides of trials and tribulations in order to rediscover what she abandoned in her childhood – her sense of joy, and trust. Erik’s antics test the waters of her patience, but he’s actually a compass leading her to sort through her attitude, and actions while revealing her passion in life.  Erik will change you too!”
         Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Lovers Matchmaker

Erik's Hope “I hope Andrea’s words inspire you to never let fear replace your faith and to embrace that true friendship is eternal.”
        Arden Moore
       – Founder of FourLeggedLife.com
“I love this book!”
Cyrus Webb
– Conversations Live
Reader Comments
“Erik’s Hope was one of the greatest books I have ever read. Not only did I enjoy all of the emotions shared but it also gave me a a better outlook on life and the personal relationship I would want to share with my very own dog. Being a dog lover I can definitely relate to the vast emotions Andrea went through and the courageous attitude she developed throughout the story. Once again, great book and I think everyone should read it no matter if you own a dog or not.”
“Life coach in a book!”

“Wow, this book is excellent, two wonderful voices at play. I love the combination of great story telling and an opportunity to learn and reflect and grow- truly a beautiful story of transformation- thank you for sharing at such a deep and raw level.  I love your dog…”

“What a wonderful book! I just finished the book and found it so healing. It is helping me grieve … and feel peace in the sadness. The book, like Erik, is a gift to all who have the opportunity experience it.”

“Your book helped to comfort me in ways I can’t begin to express in this email.  Thank you for sharing your life’s lessons, so that others such as myself could benefit.”

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6 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Thank You Andrea, for sharing your story and Erik’s, what a wonderful book, I got so much from this book. I have always loved animals, but now this gives me a deeper connection. You talk about cleansing tears, well, I shed many. This is one of those books that everyone should read, and believe me, I am spreading the word. I will read this many more times. I read it twice, back to back, and I will be at your next signing in Cave Creek. I look forward to meeting you. Patti


  2. Yes, the tears felt very therapuetic. Although I have always talked to my 4 year old greyhound/lab mix, Hershey, like he was human, I find myself talking to him even more after reading your amazing book. He thanks you for that! 🙂



  3. Hi, Andrea!

    I read Erik’s Hope two weeks ago while on vacation in Cabo. Since then, I have spread the word to many of my friends and family that they must read it too! I can honestly say that I have never related so much to someone else’s story and emotions, and I don’t remember ever crying so much. It was a good cry! 🙂 Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. Although I will be out of town during your next book signing event on May 18th, I will find a way to meet you and thank you in person. All the best to you!



    • Diana, thank you so much for writing and for spreading the word about Erik’s Hope. I know the feeling of a “good cry” … did you know that tears literally contain and release stress hormones that would otherwise just stay with us?




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