Book Clubs

Reading Group Guide

Erik’s Hope is a great book to use for your next book club meeting. Here’s a helpful reading guide.

  1. What were the key themes that stood out for you?
  2. Clearly, Erik was a special teacher in Andrea’s life. What key life lesson have you learned from an animal companion?
  3. Erik’s Hope is a fictional account of a true story. What parts of the story left you wondering “Did that happen in real life?”
  4. Erik’s Hope has been described as a “life coach in a book.” What new understandings or self-awareness came about for you as a result of Andrea’s lessons? What aspect of Andrea’s journey of growth did you most relate to?
  5. In what ways did the “reflections” section of the book make an impact on you personally?
  6. What emotion(s) did reading the book evoke in you?
  7. What passage from the book stood out most for you?
  8. What are your thoughts and feelings about the White Wolf character?
  9. In the story, Andrea implies that our animal companions have souls, and that those souls can return to us after physical death. What do you think of this concept?
  10. Most of us have suffered loss in our lives. What did you learn or relate to regarding the grief aspect of Andrea’s awakening?
  11. How has reading this book changed your opinions or beliefs about a situation or topic?

We hope this is a helpful start for your book club discussion. Let us know what other ones you have added or which of these you have used. Your comments below will help other clubs.

Want to read a chapter? Click here.


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