Tips and Tools

by Andrea Chilcote

This year marks the accomplishment of a significant life goal – the publication and distribution of our new book, Erik’s Hope. Because of this personal accomplishment and my work as a coach, many people have asked me to comment on that annual phenomena many engage in, The New Year’s Resolution. Here are few quick tips. Read more on my post: The Year of Your Heart’s Desire.

faux-goalsWhy do New Year’s Resolutions fail?

  • They are often “faux goals” – goals we really don’t want but “shoulds” imposed on us by other people or our inner critic.
  • They are often negative – what not to do – rather than a positive expression of what we truly desire.
  • We are so frazzled and overloaded, it’s hard to focus – success depends on tapping into our heart’s desire – our purpose or creative intuition. It’s not just an analytical process.

In my work as a coach, helping people accomplish goals and dreams, I’ve learned:

  • Goals (and resolutions) must be born out of what one truly wants and needs to fulfill some larger outcome or purpose.
  • Somewhere inside each of us is this knowledge of who we are what we truly desire – it’s a matter of listening.
  • When we really commit (even if it feels like stepping out of an airplane hoping the parachute will open) all manner of people and opportunities show up to assist.

Erik’s Hope is a manifestation of following these principles. In fact, the book itself expands upon them … gently conveyed through the teaching of a dog.


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