Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership Series

For more than 18 years I have been creating and facilitating state-of-the-art leadership and personal development curriculum and tools in companies large and small, and I have coached and mentored hundreds of leaders in those organizations. Many people benefit when companies invest in our services. My goal is to offer affordable access to many of the development tools my clients enjoy, in a relaxed environment and convenient schedule. I hope you join us & bring/refer a friend!

You are inherently creative and powerful beyond measure. You’re capable of creating anything you truly want.

Then why is change so hard? So often we start with the best intention then don’t get the results we say we want; all the while repeating things that aren’t giving us satisfaction. The answers to these deepest questions often lie inside. The problem is that we have quite cleverly rationalized our habits of thought—thus we stay stuck. We’re imprisoned by our thought patterns, our fears and our habits.

In this transformational workshop series, you’ll go beyond self awareness to informed awareness. You’ll gain tools for turning intention into impact.

It might change your life!


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